June 14, 2018

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, suicide is the ninth leading cause of death, and sadly, it’s also the second leading cause of death among individuals ranging from 10 to 29 years of age. There’s no getting around it: Suicide is a devastating epidemic. Y...

Many, many, many of the patients we see are tired. It's not always the main reason they see us, but we always ask our patients about their energy and it is quite rare for someone to say "just great thanks! 10/10!" (oh how I love those rare birds!)

There are a MULTITUDE...

1. Be prepared to talk about your bodily functions.

We’re not shy to ask about your poop or your periods - so don't be shy to share. It may sound gross, but the menstrual cycle and digestive tract can tell us volumes about your general health. We may also ask about your...

January, February, and March can be difficult months when you live in a cold northern climate. Some folks fly south, whereas others crank the heat, blast a humidifier, and make tropical drinks with tiny umbrellas to feel like they’ve flown south! But the rest of us are...

The flu season brings dozens of new viruses to be exposed to our immune system every year. These viruses can spread like wild fire through schools, work, and those germ factories known as day cares! Kids' immune systems are getting exposed to these viruses for the firs...


A healthy school lunch is essential to boost your child’s energy, help them concentrate and learn throughout the day, and keep their immune system strong. Here are some simple tips to help you pack a healthy lunch for your children throughout the school year.

These tip...

August 24, 2015

 This fall, I'm working with a great team of health professionals to create a workshop for busy professionals who need help getting started on a healthy lifestyle. I've made a video to tell you all about it. For more information you can also check out the website Abund...

In Alberta, allergy season usually hits in May as the snow is melting and gets worse in June with new grasses and trees coming back to life. Unfortunately, some people sneeze all summer! This year, wildfires are hitting the prairies early and hard. The smoke in the air...

Last week, we were invited to present about Naturopathic medicine at a women's retreat in Spruce Grove. We want to thank the ladies at the Parkland Baptist Church for giving us such a warm welcome! We had a great time. Our presentation focussed on digestive health and...

One of the main ways a naturopathic doctor is different from a conventional doctor (or an MD) is that we try to treat the whole entire person, so I spend a lot of time with my patients hearing the whole story. Most of the patients I see are women – busy working women a...

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