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5 Things to Know Before Seeing a Naturopathic Doctor

1. Be prepared to talk about your bodily functions.

We’re not shy to ask about your poop or your periods - so don't be shy to share. It may sound gross, but the menstrual cycle and digestive tract can tell us volumes about your general health. We may also ask about your personal life. We need to know the story of how you got to the place you’re in – the physical challenges you’ve gone through and the emotional stress that’s got you down. It all contributes to your health picture and helps us design the best treatment plan for you.

2. Bring in your supplements and medications. Listing them on the intake form is okay, but seeing the actual products gives us more information about the dose and quality of the products you’re taking. Everything that goes into your body affects your health and we need to be sure you're getting the right dose of the right nutrients, and that there are no interactions with your medications or other supplements.

3. Bring copies of your bloodwork and other tests you’ve had.

We don't have access to the public health system, so with your permission, we may have to fax requests for the information to your other doctors. If you already have copies of reports from X-rays, MRI's, ultrasounds etc, it can speed up our process of making a diagnosis and designing a full treatment plan.

4. Expect to be educated

We take time to explain our diagnosis, the physiology or biochemistry underlying the symptoms you're having, and the way our treatments work to support you. We encourage our patients to ask questions and be engaged in the treatment. If what we're saying sounds like Greek to you, or the treatment plan is too much - just say so and we'll meet you where you're at.

5. Be patient as our patient.

Naturopathic treatments work differently than conventional medications. Rather than managing symptoms, we work on identifying the root cause and supporting the body to return to health. Of course, patients’ progress will vary. Some folks feel improvement in the first few weeks, however for those who have been sick for many years, it is to be expected that it will take months of consistent work on diet, lifestyle, and natural therapies to get full resolution.

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